Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ah the Sounds of Summer

Crisp cool night air in through the screen,
Sounds carry in with fresh wafts of air -

The neighbor's rental's kids swing and cry.
Loud and high.

Now and then a crash! a scream,
Thinking maybe the moms and dads - drunk on the kitchen floor.

Go to sleep.
Go to sleep.

So maybe this - is -
Summer's loud raucous lullaby.

Raw Bar, Boat House - you ain't got squat on this rowdy crew.
The remaining days of summer grow few.

                                               --is that phew?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I do kung fu

I know - right!  I can hardly believe it myself.  And like with everything else in my life it was kind of by accident.  I mean it wasn't like I set out to learn a martial art, but here I am blogging in my kung fu uniform sans white sash - which I have not yet earned - my son likes to point out.

But I am having fun.

I have always been fairly athletic starting early with ballet but then switching to horses - after maybe 10 years? - throw in a little swim team, diving team, weight training, which eventually turned into a combination of walking, biking, pilates, yoga - and now kung fu.

I don't run.  Well, I did run once.  See my mom sat on the committee for the Falmouth Road Race, she thought it might be "Fun" for me and a friend to run in it - and we did. 

Not so fun mom, not so fun.

Especially when, red-faced and drenched, I overheard bored onlookers who were packing up their cheering section sorrowfully say, 'Maybe we should stay - these are the people who really need our encouragement.'

Thanks. A lot.

Perhaps training would have been a smart move - but it makes a great story.  Who cares that I didn't quailfy for the Boston Marathon?

So I am thinking Baby Elle isn't going to be starting up in the next few years, but...her big cousin does kung fu too!