Saturday, February 13, 2010

Have You Seen Charlie's Blog?

You should! It rocks!!

The latest add is a kookie little song he heard on Fineas and Ferb. A love song - Happy Valentines Day!

All Aboard! (uh - so what if I'm mixing up Hollywood - happens all the time - right?) Charlie with his Golden Ticket - Polar Express. (Or Chocolate Factory...whatever.)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Respond to a prompt

When I hear a sad song or learn of a sad movie – something in me shuts off. No longer open to the cadence of the words intended to be read, but dead. Dead to feeling that feeling of loss – the one that inspired the words. I was the girl who held funerals for snakes squshed flat by radial tires wrecklessly steered by unmindful drivers. Words such as malaise nearly pass me by, and would if words did not speak to me so. Picked out of the pile, unearthed from the wreckage, dusted off, shaken out – relieved of their too sad ties to the past. Not wanting to think – what brute would kick a sweet little pup?

The alterative seems far better: amble and chomping. Jade-colored teeth grinding lazily in large bovine heads. Human-like eyes tracking boxcars that pass, ears flick with the sound of 50 Hells Angels.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Where have you been?

"Where have you been?" she demanded. He dropped his eyes and did what he does best - he shut her out, observing everything except the tears brimming in her eyes - ready to spill out and run down her red hot cheeks.

"'Where have you been? Tuh-hA!" he sneered only slightly beneath his breath, not noticing he mockingly was quoting her.

Snapped back from his daze by the first of those tears splatting a line of her list. She was forever making lists - to do, to do now, to do at work, to do at home, for others to do. They infuriated him, infuriated. His resentment toward her had grown enormously over the past few months. Thinly veiled insults nonchalantly disguised behind a joke.

He knew what he said was hurtful - he also knew that he said it with the intention to hurt. But hadn't he just a few months prior revealed to her his heart? He had - and that's why. He came to her - heart in his hand hoping to learn that his heart was exactly what she wanted. But that hadn't happened. It's as if she handed him the yellow rose of friendship.

"Thanks, Sammy. You're so sweet." That was all she said. Thanks! That is not a response to someone - your soulmate - revealing their heart. It's an insult really. So since then she went on pretending what was said, never was - he would continue to toss his jokes her way.

Not that it made him feel better - it didn't - but because it made him think that to Iris it looked like - he too had forgotten all that was revealed. Not a good way to communicate but that's because since the day he attemped to hand her his heart and she shoved it back at him they didn't have a relationship. They simply coexisted. Shared the same space. And felt nothing but apathy - or so he thought as he watched the tear blur the quickly scrawled "vaccum" into a pool of blue.