Saturday, January 27, 2007

Charlie and the Plastic Potty

One night when Charlie was getting ready to get in the tub, he decided, 'now, this is the time to shriek!'

Without another thought, he was off!

At first Mommy tried to catch the shrieking, naked child, but soon relented and retreated to filling the tub with Elmo's pirate ship, "Aargh!" and the remaining ships from the Big Potty Toy Ship Brigade - another story in itself. The shrieking and running proceeded until the tub was nearly ready, when around the corner came a very proud, completely naked, Charlie. With a shocked face, he said, "Mama come look, I went Pee Pee in the potty!"

He took Mommy by the soapy hand, led her into the kitchen, and they both peered into the plastic potty sitting on the kitchen floor. "Hallelujah!" in the potty there was Pee Pee. Mommy and Charlie were so excited they both jumped up and down. They were both shrieking now, "Hurray! Hurray! Charlie went Pee Pee in the potty!"

The celebrating continued, for although this was not the first time Charlie had Pee Peed into the potty, it was the first time he had gone shrieking and running naked around the house and not peed on say the Thomas the Train magical Aqua Doodle invisible train track. (Would that be a Diddle Doodle?)

What had become the night time ritual continued, the toy boat brigade battled pirates and Charlie discovered invisible bugs in the faucet of the tub, Brave Charlie nosed right up to one and said, "Hello bug! I went Pee Pee in the potty!"

Soon a damp towel snuggle, new diapey and jammies, brushy, brushy, brushy, a few squirts of monster spray, then finally the first three pages of, The Velveteen Rabbit, followed by a weak, "take book to bed mama?" and a kiss and a hug.

Snuggled under star blanket, ouchey blankey, 'nother blankie, and finally the long requested, misinterpreted blue dog blankie rug and Charlie-bear blanket to top it all off, Charlie, just two, squshed his Binky, Maggie Simpson style, slightly lifted his head and said, "Night, night."

Later, in the kitchen, Exhausted Mommy -- who had just taught a day of "silent school" (just proceeding "sock day" because of an unfortunate toe-meet-bed-in-the-dark occurrence) followed by "Silent Princeton Review Online, " and a good game of whispering Publix shopping cart catch, because when she spoke, coughing erupting until the gag reflex occurred -- cleaned the Pee Pee off the floor smiling inside because her big boy got most of it into the pot.

And that is the story of Charlie and the Plastic Potty.

The end. (Ok, so I added the bug part, give me a little creative justice here, I am a fiction writer. Composite.)

**Note: Silent school - a day with no teacher talking due to illness - where the student get directions from the board. The first stating. "Silent Activity! Do NOT make me talk! Or I will puke! Comprende?"

Their response? "This is fun!", "Like charades!", "Can we do this more often?"

Today kids, you are in lucky! Today is "Silent Song Lyric Poem Brainstorming Day." Good thing creativity is my lifeblood.