Monday, March 17, 2008

Aqua Boy

Now here's a boy who is way too excited to be blue. After lunch, I laid in his bed with him and read him his toddler Rhyme Bible. After a hundred pages or so I slipped out of the room to take a shower. Apparently Charlie did the same, only the intention was not the same.

Stepping onto the bathmat, to hear the sound of silence only reassured my reading had settled my little guy right into dreamland. Boy was I wrong. A quick peek into his room to noiselessly shut the door brought the discover that my sweet angel baby was not tucked safely in his bed. On the contrary, after a one man woman hunt, it was I who discovered a tiny blue man huddled in the corner, stoic and smurf blue. A shade I have never truly see on a human being, although the man on NBC Today, who took too much silver supplement, did have a blueish-silverish tint, my boy was BLUE.

Blue like he wanted to travel with the Group, of which he had never heard.

My reaction? Silence. Followed by "now Charlie you know you aren't supposed to play with mommies markers..." So I grabbed Aqua Boy, my camera, and handed him the soap. (The pumice stone was his idea.

Plopping myself on the toilet, I just had to snap some shots of this moment. Today, I officially name the day before St. Patty's Day, the day the water ran blue. (Ran as in right down his tummie into the tub.)

Oh, boy.

Uncle Wes's Monster - (dot com)

Uncle Wes works at, so he stocks us with a good supply of monsters. But this is by far the best! Uh, I could use a few more of those thermos coffee mugs with lids.

As you can tell, Charlie is not as interested in saying "thank you" as he is in seeing if the monster can fly, and how high.