Sunday, August 23, 2009

too much

Is it too much to ask for a lawnmower that works - or for a lawnguy that has his own mower?

Apparently it is.

My case of the f-its has grown exponentially, once again.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

a cottage - on a tiny, out-of-the-way harbor

This house...has the life. It sits on a secluded island overlooking a harbor. Few know its obscure location.
Dock hanging over crisp cool water clear - beams of light illuminating flecks just beneath the surface.
Currents flow, bringing in and washing out, new life, new adventure, and in the winter when the house stands alone, it still stands, it still has the life, and the harbor, its dock, the light.
It's where i go when i go underground.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Tree and Sign both MIA in Falmouth

Last year I blogged about this pic - is it a tree eating sign or a sign eating tree. (I know, the tree is OBVIOUSLY eating the sign.) Well, apparently it's both.
Neither have been seen in or around Falmouth Heights, not by foot, by bike, nor by surrey...
so I have concluded that in order to find the tree - or it's most noteworthy part - one must take a homebuilder tour. That is, tour the homes of Falmouth's homebuilders.
My guess is - inside one of those homes might just be a little kitchy woodwork.

On the road again, Winston Salem to Tampa

After our stay in North Carolina we will be heading further south, destination Tampa.

This day shouldn't be as long - 11 hours, 10 minutes - 665 miles. One mom, one grandma, one 4 3/4-year-old, and one dog.

We'll see.

On the road - to Winston Salem

Thursday we head south. A long first day, but then we get to stay with my great friend from college. Estimated drive time - 14 hours, 817 miles. Two days of driving according to my mother.

Too fun.


Write about your best gram turned 95. We all celebrated it together.