Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bike the Path

My favorite bit of the Shining Sea Bike Path is the part connecting Falmouth to Woods Hole.  Getting to the path is an incredible ride: Falmouth Heights and a crystal clear view of the Vineyard, Falmouth Harbor, Surf Drive and it's signature simple, stilted beach houses.  Overhead hawks scout the shore for something to bring back to the nest.

A water break on one of the path's benches allows time to absorb the surrounding nature: sun baked boulders, rounded pebble beach, black glistening rocks beaten by the crash of the waves, then off in the distance the ferry loaded and headed back from Vineyard Haven.  If you pick your bench right, warm air will either swirl around you, warming chilled bones, or a refreshing breeze will blow the cool of the ocean right past.

Once in Woods Hole, WHOI surrounds.  The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute for those who aren't as familiar with the area.  This is a place of science and beauty. 

One of my favorite stopping points is through a WHOI parking lot.  It's a patch of grass and picnic tables overlooking Eel Pond. The panaramic view is unbelieveable.  Here, a feeling of calm and peace overwhelms regardless of the time of day. 

By far, this is not all of Woods Hole, but it was enough for me, for one day.

For a more sheltered ride home, the bike path stretches the other direction flanked by ponds, wildlife, and plantlife.  My son will be thrilled to learn that - though still in it's VERY early stages of growth - the honeysuckle has begun to bloom. 

How he loves to carefully snap one off to get a taste of its sweet nectar.  Unfortunately, poison ivy is everywhere and ticks are clinging to everything.  So, enjoy the ride and check yourself for ticks when you arrive home.  Just a quick brush off before you step inside should do.

You Are My Dog!!!

This dog is even better than the singing dog at the zoo who never seems to be singing but rather sleeping.  If you sing to Rudy he sings right back to you.  If you are loud, he is loud, if you sing softly, he does the same.  And my favorite - if I howl, he howls.  What a racket.  Or my mother would say, oh what a hoot.  (Meaning it is a ton of fun.)

I wish this photo was a better shot but I LOVE the light.  Rudy looks like an angel.  My sweet, sweet 70-pound pound puppy.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Phusion Illusion

Here's a sign in Woods Hole.  It stands on the roof of the restaurant - or at least that's what the sign would have you believe.  But is it saying Phusion?  Or is it saying Illusion?  Ah ha.  A Phusion Illusion just like I said.